Silent Gliss Fabrics and their Quality

Here at J&L Ball Interiors, we know that window shading is about more than just decoration

When it comes to quality fabric textures and technical features, the Silent Gliss Collection sets itself apart from the rest. They offer a wide range of fabrics in a variety of different colours, styles, and functionality. If you are looking for the perfect window decoration for your home, Silent Gliss has an extensive selection of systems so no matter the shape or size of your windows, there will be the perfect system for hanging your curtains and blinds.

Here at J&L Ball Interiors, we know that window shading is about more than just decoration, which is why we are proud to partner with Silent Gliss. The Collection focuses on special fabric technical features and functionalities that not only look beautiful but can address your specific window dressing requirements. Its focal point on the physical fabric characteristics is what makes them so unique. As standard, all fabrics are flame resistant and hold special additional attributes such as sound elimination and antibacterial properties. We have listed some of the main key benefits worth knowing

Optimum glare protection 

The main priority for most when deciding on purchasing the right fabric, is the ability for it to achieve optimum levels of light. This is especially important when trying to manage lighting conditions in an office or at home to manage daytime light. Daytime light contains UV rays that over a period of time can cause damage to artwork, surfaces and furniture. Over exposure from the UV rays eventually destroys the pigments in the surfaces of many items. With Silent Gliss glare protection, getting the balance between natural light levels and protection is easily achieved.


Optimum glare protection offers the following benefits:

  • Optimized use of healthy daylight
  • Reduces eye strain offering relief
  • Improved external view
  • Improved productivity
  • Increases comfort and higher productivity at work

Room Acoustics

Acoustics refers to how comfortable you feel when inside a room. A poor acoustics can be difficult to wok and concentrate in. It makes the noise level rise and conversations more difficult as voices are raised to be heard. With the selection from Silent Gliss, there are a range of fabrics that are measured based on their acoustic values.

Room acoustics offer the following benefits:

  • Sound management and Noise reduction
  • Easier speech comprehension
  • Better cognitive performance and communication between the people in the room
  • Less fatigue among people in offices


Silent Gliss uses a technology called Freshtex which aids in improving the quality of the air. People tend to feel more comfortable in rooms with Freshtex fabrics as they help to remove the unpleasant smells quickly, making your home of working environment more pleasant. Silent Gliss Freshtex fabrics act as a catalyst. The air circulation in a room brings the odours and contaminants into contact with the patented Freshtex coating. This coating is based on natural mineral salts and breaks down the undesirable substances in the air into harmless molecules such as water, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Freshtex benefits include:

  • Noticeably clean and fresh air
  • Pet smells are reduced
  • Rapid breakdown of cigarette smells
  • Operating principle is scientifically proven by independent institutions
  • Permanently washable
  • No special care needed
  • Absolutely harmless to humans and the environment

As demonstrated in the blog above, window shading is much more than just decoration.  Silent Gliss fabrics have all been extensively tested on their systems to ensure consistent hanging behaviour. With such a wide choice, you can be sure to find the perfect fabric for your needs.

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